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5 Ways To Create a Memorable Fall Wedding Menu

Fall weddings feature warm color palettes, cozy vibes, and rich flavors that certainly have a different tone than spring and summer weddings. Guests enjoy cooler weather during the fall season and look forward to a change in scenery. Couples looking for ways to create a memorable wedding menu should consider the following options.

1. Skip the stations, and pass around the appetizers

In the fall season, weddings are typically held indoors and cocktail hours tend to disappear. Couples and guests prefer small bites and passed appetizers rather than stations.

2. Bring out comfort food

Cooler temperatures create a craving for comfort food and there’s no reason why your wedding can’t satisfy that desire. In the fall season, wedding caterers see more couples requesting foods like rotisserie chicken and smoked pork, than seafood and other light foods. Couples should think about the foods they naturally crave in the fall season and look for ways to incorporate them into the wedding menu.

3. Incorporate seasonal flavors

In the fall months, foods like acorn, butternut, pumpkin, yams, and chutneys become a staple, along with deeper, richer sauces. We encourage couples to review our wedding menu for foods their guests might enjoy in autumn.

4. Set up a bonfire

As the temperatures drop, wood bonfires become an excellent way not only to stay warm, but to create a cozy atmosphere. Wood-fire aromas and flavors are especially popular in September and October also because they create a truly memorable fall dining experience. Wood-fired pizza stations and smoked meats are another popular option among couples getting married in the fall season.

5. Offer trending dishes

Some foods are popular year round and are sure to delight your guests any time of year. For example, the charcuterie board can be adapted to the fall season with heartier cheeses and season fruits and vegetables, like apples, grapes, and nuts.

Empanadas are another great option, especially when made with black bean or squash. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup are a comfort food favorite that can be served during cocktail hour while roasted brussel sprouts can be served on skewers.

If you have any questions about creating your fall wedding menu, or would like to schedule a tasting, call Urban Solace Catering for the best luxury catering in San Diego. 

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