Grill Safety Need-to-knows

Grill Safety Need-to-knows For Summer

Fire up the ‘que, it’s officially grilling season! With poolside gatherings and al fresco nights full of wining and dining on the horizon, it’s the perfect time for all barbecue users to refresh their knowledge on grill safety. From proper grill placement to implementing regular maintenance checks and reading up on local guidelines, here are some of our top tips for staying safe this summer.

Location, Location, Location!

When it comes to safe grilling, placement is just as important as mindful practices. Whether charcoal or propane, always use your barbecue in an outdoor space that is well ventilated, maintaining a 3-foot clearance radius at all times. Any buildings, deck railings, tree branches, and shrubbery must remain outside of this zone, as well as all pets and children. Following use, make sure your grill has fully cooled down prior to letting kiddos and furry companions back into the area.

Safety Checks & Maintenance 

Before firing up the ‘cue, make it a habit to perform routine safety checks. For gas grill users, ensure that the connection between the propane tank and fuel line is secure, regularly inspecting for any cracks, holes, or brittle areas. 

The lid should always be open when igniting your barbecue, with charcoal grill connoisseurs being mindful to only use starter fluid specifically made for barbecues. Once lit, never leave your grill unattended. 

After each use, remove any residual grease and fat on the grates to mitigate fire risk. 

Smart Storage Solutions 

Gas grill owners should never store extra propane under or near a grill, or indoors. Ensure propane containers are always in an upright position, away from other heat sources, flames, or direct sunlight. 

Get Familiar with Local Resources & Regulations 

For more information on grill safety practices and to learn about local regulations, please utilize the following resources:

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