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Luxury Catering Food Trends Transforming Events

Luxury catering is an opportunity to experience the best of food, decor, and event installations. Both attendees and hosts are wowed by stunning colors, creative displays, and unique presentations. 

In luxury catering, designs and tastes are constantly evolving, ensuring there is always something new and exciting to discover. Here are just a few trends being adopted by luxury catering companies today.

1. Curated mocktails

Not every attendee wants to drink alcohol, but most are delighted to try creative, flavorful mocktails. Caterers are experimenting with flowers, colors, and flavors to entice guests of all ages.

2. Breakfast for dinner

Foods like fried chicken and waffles are a classic dish gaining popularity among luxury caterers. Consider the theme of your event when planning the menu to see if a breakfast dish would be a hit with your guests.

3. Individually-packaged entrees

Luxury caterers are personalizing the experience by serving individually-packaged entrees created exclusively for the guest. Caterers may also use environmentally-friendly materials to minimize waste without sacrificing quality.

4. Crudité cups

Crudité cups are made of bread and stuffed with vegetables. They’re handheld and easy to eat, making them a hit among guests. Some versions may use glass cups instead of bread.

5. Charcuterie cones

Foods can also be inspired by the setting. If the event is outdoors, some caterers match the foliage to certain fruits or vegetables in charcuterie cones. The cones can be displayed in a variety of creative ways, intriguing guests and creating a memorable dining experience.

6. Clever ice

Ice sculptures aren’t new, but some caterers are making personalized ice cubes for cocktails. Whether the event is a wedding or a corporate party, clever ice cubes can be used to add a personal touch.

7. Cocktail toppers

Luxury caterers are pairing drinks with bite-sized appetizers, called cocktail toppers. For example, apple cider will go well with a cider donut topper.

8. 3D Champagne displays

Champagne walls can be created in all shapes and sizes, and include interesting elements like foliage. Regardless of the size or theme of your event, these trends are guaranteed to create a lasting impression. 

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