5 Wedding Food Trends For 2023

If you’ve recently become engaged — Congratulations! There’s much to do before the big day, but a great place to start is to consider a few wedding food trends that are going to be big in 2023.

  1. Colorful and whimsical cakes

Trends typically go from one end of the spectrum to the other. In the past few years, the minimal aesthetic featured black and white colors, and modern and simple designs. Next year, color is expected to make a comeback in the wedding industry, with colorful and whimsical cakes.

  1. Sustainable and eco-friendly food

Sustainability and eco-consciousness is spreading across all industries, and the wedding food industry is no exception. Catering companies are focusing on sourcing eco-friendly materials and encouraging their clients to choose menu options with locally-farmed ingredients.

To provide truly sustainable catering, companies are considering the seasonality, geographic origin, and agro-industrial origin of foods. Foods that must be imported from other countries and travel longer distances create a larger carbon footprint than locally-sourced foods. In addition, caterers also take into consideration farming practices when choosing suppliers.

  1. Cocktail hour

Couples are considering creative options when structuring their wedding day, and the cocktail hour is a popular choice. Couples can either offer one cocktail that’s sentimental to them, or offer a wider selection of coffees to be served after coffee.

Cocktails are opportunities to make a memorable design statement and also give guests a chance to mingle before the reception.

  1. Fruit cake comeback

The fruit cake has been reimagined with creative flavors and flower arrangements, making a bold and colorful statement at many weddings. A few options include sugar-coated grapes, gold-dusted pears and figs, and toppings of macarons and strawberries. Keep the cake naked and add fruit decorations, or make it a visual masterpiece,

  1. Snacking and grazing

Snacking and grazing is one way to satisfy picky eaters. Give them a bite or two of various cheeses, smoked salmon, fruits, and other snacks. The secret is to offer a large variety of snack options at satellite food stations.