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9 Exciting Party Food Trends To Explore In 2023

Every new year brings exciting changes and trends to look forward to. In 2023, we expect to see the following food trends make their way into parties and events across the US. Let’s dig in!

  1. Sustainably-sourced

Caterers are making commitments to using locally-sourced ingredients, limiting food waste, and sharing details of the process of putting a dish together. Clients are also becoming more interested in the stories behind wineries, breweries, and distilleries as they plan their beverage menu. Small, local businesses are seeing greater support from local caterers and faithfully serving the unique preferences of their community.

  1. Mushroom breakthrough

Chickpeas, cauliflower, and kale have had their time in the spotlight. 2023 is the year of mushrooms. Many different varieties and tastes are being offered in catering menus, adding to the decor of entrees, appetizers, sides, — and even desserts — at all types of events.

  1. Open-fire experiences

White glove no longer means hidden or discrete. Open-fire dining experiences add to the event by creating an unforgettable immersive environment. Guests can watch chefs prepare exquisite appetizers, grill large cuts of meat, and craft luxurious desserts.

  1. Vegan treats

Vegan is no longer synonymous with hipster or cardboard flavor. Individuals of all walks of life are choosing vegan foods even if they haven’t committed to a vegan diet or lifestyle. Chefs have created many vegan alternatives to traditional foods — from ice cream and burgers, to cakes and shakes.

  1. Childhood classics

A rise in nostalgia mixed with comfort food is bringing back childhood classic foods like hotdogs, pop tarts, and waffles — but with creative and healthy twists.

  1. Mocktails

More and more consumers are replacing alcoholic beverages with mocktails. They get all the flavor without the negative side effects of alcohol. On the other hand, teas are being reimagined with various alcoholic ingredients.

  1. Vertical food stations

Call it a Wall of Fame, if you’d like, but food and drinks presented on a wall pique guests’ curiosity and also create a great photo backdrop. As we all know, we eat with our eyes first.

  1. Caviar comeback

Caviar was once an inaccessible luxury, but is now a must offered by many caterers. Colorful options appeal to those hosting various types of events.

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