How to Create The Best Drink Menu For Your Event

When planning an event, the drinks menu often holds as much significance as the food. A well planned drinks selection can elevate mood, enhance the theme, and ensure every guest feels special. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when curating your menu.

  1. The event theme

Begin by assessing the theme of your event. A vintage 1920s soirée might demand classic cocktails like martinis and sidecars, while a beach-themed gathering might be best complemented by mojitos and piña coladas. The drinks you serve should be a reflection of the atmosphere you wish to create.

  1. Guest preferences

Understand the tastes and preferences of your attendees. If you’re aware that a significant portion of your guest list leans towards wine, ensure a good selection of both red and white. A survey or RSVP note can be a useful tool to gauge drink preferences beforehand.

  1. Event location

The venue plays a pivotal role. If you’re hosting at a beach, consider refreshing, light cocktails. For a mountain cabin, maybe warmer drinks or beverages with a hint of spice might be apt.

  1. Holiday or reason for the event

Holidays and special occasions often come with traditional beverages. For instance, Christmas might call for eggnog or mulled wine, while a Valentine’s Day event could feature champagne or romantic-themed cocktails.

  1. Mocktails & draft beer

Not everyone drinks alcohol, so having an array of flavorful mocktails is essential. From fruity delights to herbal concoctions, ensure your non-alcoholic options are as exciting as the rest. Additionally, for beer enthusiasts, having draft beer can add a touch of authenticity and freshness.

  1. Coffee and tea

These are often overlooked but are crucial, especially for events spanning longer durations or occurring during typical tea or coffee hours. Offering a variety of teas and quality coffee, perhaps even with options like lattes or cappuccinos, can be a delightful addition.

  1. Glassware

The vessel is as important as the drink itself. Each drink has its ideal glass, which enhances its flavor and presentation. From the elegance of a wine glass to the casual feel of a beer mug, ensure you have the appropriate glassware for each beverage on your list.

Crafting the perfect drink menu involves a delicate balance of understanding your guests, creating a theme, and presenting it in the most appealing manner. For assistance crafting your next event menu, contact Urban Solace Catering to schedule a consultation.

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