wedding caterer in san diego

How To Find The Right Caterer In San Diego

No two weddings are alike, yet wedding caterers in San Diego are faced with the challenge of meeting the requests and needs of highly diverse and unique couples. 

Because food and drinks are a key component of every wedding reception, couples must carefully do their research before choosing a caterer. Here are a few steps you should take before making a decision.

1. Ask for referrals from married friends.

You can save yourself some trouble by asking for recommendations from recently-married couples. Get a list of local caterers and find out what they liked about each one. You could even ask which ones to stay away from!

2. Decide what kind of meal service you want (formal sit-down, buffet-style, family-style).

Food can be served in a variety of ways. A formal sit-down reception dinner is a traditional approach in which guests are served individually. This option provides an opportunity for friends and family to make speeches and toasts while waiting for dishes to be served. A formal dinner is also cost-effective, since it allows the caterer to prepare the exact amount of food necessary and minimize waste.

If you’d like a buffet-style dinner, then you’ll need fewer servers. In addition, you’ll be able to provide specific dishes for guests with allergies or on special diets.

A family-style reception dinner involves bringing serving platters to a table to be passed around. This approach allows guests to eat as much as they’d like at their own pace.

3. Decide on the type of food you’d like.

Wedding caterers typically offer menus with dishes serving a range of taste palettes. From Mexican and Italian, to vegetarian and vegan. Browse the caterer’s online menu before scheduling an appointment.

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4. Schedule tastings when meeting a caterer.

Kill two birds with one stone by asking for the tasting to be held during your first appointment. Mention a few dishes or drinks you’d like to try ahead of time.

5. Ask for a detailed outline of costs.

Catering prices depend on a number of factors, including the number of guests, the number of servers necessary, and the number of menu items being provided. Don’t sign the contract until you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Bonus Tip: Ask for and check references.

A caterer’s past clients have much to say about their experience and could be a great source of insider information. You could also read online reviews to get a sense of the caterer’s professionalism and expertise.