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Best Practices For Planning Corporate Conferences And Meetings

Planning a corporate conference or meeting in San Diego doesn’t have to be complicated. No matter how big or small your business is, take the following steps to ensure your event is a smashing success.

1. Ask employees for feedback from previous events.

Employees want to feel heard and appreciated. One way to get them involved in corporate events is to simply ask what they’d like to see at the next company meeting or conference. Simply send out an email survey asking them about their favorite food, preferred event style, industry role models they’d love to hear from (and meet), and activities they’d love to participate in with coworkers.

2. Set a budget.

Set clear goals for your event and identify a dollar amount that will be necessary to meet those goals. Cut out the excess and focus on what will help you engage attendees.

3. Find a venue.

Will the event be held at your business location or will you need an event space? Could the conference be held outdoors? These are just a few questions you’ll need to answer before choosing a venue.

4. Reach out to sponsors.

If you’re going big, then you’ll need sponsors to help cover the costs. Research companies that have products or services that will appeal to your employees and attendees and reach out to them with clearly defined sponsor packages.

You could also utilize existing business relationships and discuss what benefits they’d reap if they sponsored your corporate event in San Diego.

5. Choose speakers.

The best speakers are articulate, knowledgeable, and engaging. Though you could have a few company managers or executives speak at your event, employees will likely prefer to hear from industry experts or thought leaders.  

6. Find a flexible and experienced caterer.

A mouthwatering menu will get attendees excited about going to the event. Be sure to schedule this well in advance to ensure the caterer is able to prepare enough food for your event. Reach out to Urban Solace Catering for a consultation and to learn more about our menus.

7. Plan for hiccups.

Even experienced corporate planners know that something will inevitably go wrong. That’s why they always create a Plan B and Plan C. Be sure to establish a process for dealing with problems that may arise the day of the event.