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How To Plan a San Diego Charity Event

Charities rely on fundraising events to raise money for their cause and cover administrative expenses. Successfully planning a charity event looks slightly different from planning a social event or a corporate event. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Set a fundraising goal.

Begin by determining how much money your event needs to raise. Depending on your fundraising goal, you may need to consider ticket sales, donations, live auctions, silent auctions, and crowdfunding. However, a charity event will also raise awareness and support networking, which may further boost fundraising efforts.

2. Create the charity event budget.

For a charity event to be successful, the amount raised must be higher than the amount spent on hosting the fundraiser. Create a budget that covers every detail of the event — from event venue cost, catering cost, parking valet, and advertising. Also be sure to budget for unexpected costs.

3. Identify the target audience.

If your cause appeals to a particular demographic, think about what kind of event they’d appreciate. Should it be invite-only? Black-tie? Outdoor? Indoor? Online? Define your audience and identify their interests before taking the next step.

4. Select a San Diego venue.

Once you know your audience, start searching for a venue that will appeal to their style and be in line with your brand identity. Get multiple quotes and be sure to mention you’re holding a charity event to obtain potential discounts.

5. Hire a professional catering company.

Once you’ve selected a venue, you’ll need to hire an experienced catering company. Urban Solace Catering offers delectable appetizers, fresh salads, bold entrees, and delicious desserts. We’re happy to work with you to identify the right menu options for your event.

6. Create a theme for the event.

Asking for money outright is not an effective fundraising strategy. Instead, come up with creative ways to engage attendees and get them excited about supporting your cause. Consider creating photo booths, inviting a musical act, or setting up a raffle. Keep all activities centered around a clear theme.

7. Make it easy for attendees to donate.

Offer a variety of ways for attendees to donate. An online event ticketing platform, at-the-door sales, a PayPal account, and an event page are just a few options to consider.

If you’d like more tips on planning a charity event or if you’d like to schedule a consultation with Urban Solace Catering, contact us today!