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7 Tips For Working With a San Diego Wedding Caterer

The wedding caterer oversees the preparation of food, the staffing of personnel, and the flawless execution. The wedding planner, on the other hand, is responsible for coordinating every detail of the event. Whether you’re working with a wedding planner or handling catering yourself, here are a few tips for finding the right wedding caterer for you.

1. Check references

An experienced wedding caterer should have a list of references you can contact to learn more about them. Though the references will all likely say positive things about the caterer, if you take the time to speak to them, you could learn important details that could help you make the final decision.

2. Request past wedding event photos

Wedding catering isn’t just about how good the food tastes, it’s also about how the food is presented. To get a sense of the caterer’s aesthetic, review photos of past weddings and events. Ask yourself if you like their service ware, their use of spacing, and the finishing touches. Review their photos to see if they would be able to match your style and use the opportunity to explain your aesthetic preferences.

3. Ask about available services

Some caterers only provide food and basic utensils, others can also provide linens, tables, chairs, florals, and even decorations. Find out what they offer and see if you’d like to work with them on a broader scale, or hire additional vendors.

4. Review everything in person

It’s important to finalize the details in person. Things always look different in person, than in the photos. In-person meetings can also give you a sense of the caterer’s overall approach to service, organization, and reliability.

5. Communicate with the wedding venue

The wedding venue may have a list of preferred caterers that are familiar with the venue layout. Working with a listed caterer could be an advantage, but isn’t a requirement.

6. Ask about special requirements

Experienced wedding caterers will ask you about special dietary restrictions of guests, on-site changes, and late additions. Find out how the caterer deals with unusual circumstances the day of the event.

7. Obtain contact information for the primary contact

A catering company should give you contact information for the person in charge. Be sure to always communicate directly with your primary contact to avoid miscommunication.

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