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How Urban Solace Catering Delivers Breathtaking Food Presentation

Whether we realize it or not, we eat and enjoy food with multiple senses — not just with our sense of taste. The visual presentation of a dish and how food is plated will influence the flavor perception and enjoyment of the diner. At Urban Solace Catering, one of the ways we curate flawless catering experiences is by offering breathtaking food presentation. Here are just a few techniques that we use.

  1. Create height

Certain dishes are designed with height in mind, rather than trying to fill the plate. Our chefs will create a base and build on it by gently adding ingredients and topping with garnishes or sauces.

  1. Experiment with texture

Contrasting textures can help create interest on a plate. Varying foams and sauces can be combined to create an artistic appearance and also add flavor.

  1. Contrasting colors

Contrasting colors in foods like carrots, potatoes, lettuce, beans, cauliflower, and beets can make a dish look much more striking and delicious. Instead of artificial colors, chefs use matcha, powdered sugar, and various purees.

  1. Match food presentation style to event theme

Every event is unique and our team makes the effort to match the menu to the event theme. Urban Solace Catering specializes in corporate and social events, as well as weddings that are designed to wow and pamper guests. Artful and modern food presentation is just one way we exceed expectations.

  1. Utilize the right plates

The plate is the canvas for the edible masterpiece we create. Foods with a vibrant color are typically presented on a white plate. In addition, dishes come in a variety of shapes and sizes that serve to create further interest.

  1. Control portion size

Modern caterers pay careful attention to portion size. The general rule of thumb is to limit each dish to six elements to prevent overcrowding.

  1. Add edible garnishes and decorations

The final touches are an opportunity for chefs to style the dish. But the primary goal should be to enhance flavor. Appearance is on the second level.

  1. Simplify

Last but not least, every dish has a clear, yet simple design that doesn’t distract from the flavor and quality of preparation.

To learn more about our approach to presentation at Urban Solace Catering, or to begin planning your next catering experience, give us a call!

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