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How To Plan a Catered San Diego Social Event With Urban Solace Catering

Urban Solace Catering has a team of culinary professionals and event specialists with the expertise necessary to help you successfully execute your next social event in San Diego.

If you’re looking for a professional caterer you can count on, here’s what to expect during our planning process.

1. Understand the guest profile

During a consultation, we will ask questions about the background and interests of your audience. Our team will need to know the following:

  • The professional level of your guests
  • How often your guests attend social events
  • Where guests live
  • Guests’ ethnic background

2. Know guest preferences

The type of event and the guests’ background will be taken into consideration when crafting a menu. Older attendees, for example, may prefer a milder or more traditional menu. Younger, more adventurous audiences may want variety and health-conscious food options.

3. Offer menu choices

Based on the information we receive about your guests, we will recommend a few menu options. Our catering menu offers a range of foods, from seasonal salad and veggies, to steak and seafood. We also offer vegetarian and gluten free menu items.

4. Anticipate special needs

Guests with allergies or dietary restrictions won’t be overlooked by Urban Solace Catering. We are happy to make adjustments and accommodations where possible to ensure every guest is able to enjoy a delicious meal during your social event.

5. Consider seasonal items

When planning your event, consider the time of the year and the location of the event. Some foods are only available seasonally and others are popular during specific months of the year. We encourage you to speak to our team about incorporating seasonal items into your event’s menu.

6. Offer ethnic or regional menus

If your event has an ethnic theme or diverse audience, they may prefer a menu with foods from around the world. Our catering menu offers a variety of food options for various cultures.

7. Create a menu that fits the event schedule

Depending on how your event is structured, you may need to choose a specific serving approach. Our team can provide your event with plated meals, buffets, cocktail receptions, and corporate lunches. Let us know what you’re interested in.